The Columbia International Arbitration Association (CIAA)

The Columbia International Arbitration Association (CIAA) is a student-run organization developed with the purpose of bringing together Columbia Law School students, professors, alumni, and arbitration practitioners interested in the study, practice, and development of International Arbitration as an individual discipline for many purposes, including: (i) to promote integration among its members; (ii) to exchange information and experiences about legal issues involving international arbitration; (iii) to organize academic events; (iv) to establish contacts with law firms, business organizations, and governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations; (v) to organize social events; and (vi) to assist incoming new students.

Each year, the Columbia International Arbitration organizes Columbia Arbitration Day, which is recognized as the largest student-organized event focused on the challenges that drive the development of arbitration practice and study the world over.

Postal Address

The Columbia International Arbitration Association
ATTN: Peter Kim, JD President
Columbia Law School
435 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10027